is an itinerant curator, writer, researcher from Hong Kong currently living and working in London. She collaborates with artists and thinkers to create new forms and forums for critical engagement; her practice is an interdisciplinary site for play, pleasure, gesture, enquiry and, importantly, failure. Research interests include psychoanalytic theory, performance writing and feminist new materialisms.

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ET is author of The Pool and contributing editor at Fieldnotes Journal.

Art writing, readings & poetry

2021 Bleached, Geiste Kincinaityte x Elaine Tam
2021 Conduit, as part of Subtexts, with a preface by Robin Mackay
2021 Note 17 & Note 35, Soft Punk Magazine

25/02/2021 Semionautics Report: Eclipse, Clot Magazine
14/02/2021 Snake (in Chanel 66 Pulse), The Horizon Magazine
23/12/2020 Note 26 & Note 38, Fugues by Nicola Maria Winkler
17/12/2020 Exercises on Displacement 2014—20, Tutto Questo Sentire
30/11/2020 Easyjet, Gob Jaw Poetry / Spun Press
28/09/2020 12 False Starts, Kingsgate Project Space
26/06/2020 Note 26 & Note 38, Metatron Press
21/06/2020 Heaven, Slipstream TV
12/06/2020 Glossary Terms, Radio Care / Antiuniversity
19/04/2020 Chatroom: Empathy, Avantgardening
05/02/2020 The Pool (adapted script), Galerija Vartai
11/06/2019 The navel gazes back, Goldsmiths University

Interviews, features & essays

2021 Feature on Irina Zadorozhnaia, EEP Berlin
2021 Feature on Irina Ivannikova, EEP Berlin
2021 Short essay Aberrant Breasts, The Debutante
2021 Feature on Castorocene, The Learned Pig

01/06/2021 Short essay Sanya Kantarovsky, Into the Blue, Doris Press
02/03/2021 Short essay Monster Moms & Phantom Pains, Doris Press
15/02/2021 Short essay Looking for Leonora (Carrington), Doris Press
07/01/2021 Tutto Questo Sentire: A Retrospective, Clot Magazine
16/11/2020 Review #486 Parker Ito: PPP, Delicious Line
26/10/2020 Interview with Angus McCrum, Young Artists in Conversation
26/09/2020 Feature on Vytautas Kumža, EEP Berlin
02/09/2020 Interview with Jack Burton, Young Artists in Conversation
31/07/2020 Interview with Celeste Rapone, Femme Art Review
14/07/2020 Interview with Anna Belozerova, EEP Berlin
26/04/2020 Feature on Victoria Pidust, EEP Berlin
22/03/2020 Text on smooth space, pleated, EEP Berlin