is an itinerant writer, editor and sometimes-curator from Hong Kong currently living and working in London. She collaborates with artists and thinkers to create new forms and forums for critical engagement. Her research interests include psychoanalytic theory, performance writing and feminist new materialisms.


Urbanomic K-Pulp Switch

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ET is author of The Pool
editor of A.R. Penck, Paintings 1974-1990
co-editor of the White Cube Companion and SUBTEXTS
and senior editor at Fieldnotes Journal

Art writing, readings & poetry

2022 Sweet buns, Whitelies Magazine
2022 Filth, Becoming-geological, V2
2022 Never let a fool kiss you, Sternberg Press

24/03/2022 Cadaver island, Montez Press Radio
17/03/2022 Tell-tale heart, Open Space Contemporary
23/12/2021 Conduit, SUBTEXTS
22/12/2021 7 Movements, Geiste Kincinaityte: Overflow
17/12/2021 Materia, Nicole Maria Winkler, White Lies Magazine
12/12/2021 Emotional Frequencies, imlabor
15/10/2021 Spills, University of Cambridge and Deleuzine vol. 1
08/10/2021 Dear Henrik, SUNDY, London
30/09/2021 Intervals, FORM IV
13/08/2021 Note 17 & Note 35, Soft Punk Magazine
25/02/2021 Semionautics Report: Eclipse, Clot Magazine
14/02/2021 Snake (in Chanel 66 Pulse), The Horizon Magazine
23/12/2020 Note 26 & Note 38, Fugues by Nicola Maria Winkler
17/12/2020 Exercises on Displacement 2014—20, Tutto Questo Sentire
30/11/2020 Easyjet, Gob Jaw Poetry / Spun Press
28/09/2020 12 False Starts, Kingsgate Project Space
26/06/2020 Note 26 & Note 38, Metatron Press
21/06/2020 Heaven, Slipstream TV
12/06/2020 Glossary Terms, Radio Care / Antiuniversity
19/04/2020 Chatroom: Empathy, Avantgardening
11/06/2019 The navel gazes back, Goldsmiths University

Interviews, features & essays

2022 Mandy El-Sayegh
2022 The Idle Cloth, Jonathan Michael Ray
2022 Designing the Wild, RADDAR Magazine

19/04/2022 Leaky carrier bags, Clot Magazine
12/11/2021 Spigot of Love, Doris Press
01/06/2021 Sanya Kantarovsky, Into the Blue, Doris Press
02/03/2021 Monster Moms & Phantom Pains, Doris Press
15/02/2021 Looking for Leonora (Carrington), Doris Press
07/01/2021 Tutto Questo Sentire: A Retrospective, Clot Magazine
16/11/2020 Review #486 Parker Ito: PPP, Delicious Line
26/10/2020 Interview w Angus McCrum, Young Artists in Conversation
26/09/2020 Feature on Vytautas Kumža, EEP Berlin
02/09/2020 Interview w Jack Burton, Young Artists in Conversation
31/07/2020 Interview w Celeste Rapone, Femme Art Review
14/07/2020 Interview w Anna Belozerova, EEP Berlin
26/04/2020 Feature on Victoria Pidust, EEP Berlin
22/03/2020 smooth space, pleated, EEP Berlin