is an itinerant writer, editor and curator from Hong Kong currently living and working in London. She collaborates with contemporary artists and thinkers to create new forms and forums for critical engagement. Her research interests include psychoanalysis, media theory, performative writing and feminist new materialisms.

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Antiuniversity, London UK
Monday 8 June 2020, 7pm

GOOD /IN/TENSIONS is an artistic endeavour, a meeting of strangers, a self-led therapeutic network, a secret society, a discussion group.

If extensions reach outward, intensions spiral inward. The future has been suspended, our social circles have shrunken, activities have been withdrawn. No friends, no family, no fun. If we once used words like “alienation” or “isolation” as figures of speech to describe our mental condition, we now find they are material states of being. Could this be our “new normal”?


Together, we will consider how we inhabit the everyday and look at examples of artistic processes that transform, distort, deny or pursue it. We will talk about things like: What is a politics of the ordinary, the non-exceptional, the bog-standard? What is the “everyday” and how are we shaped by it? How can we use common languages and materials to (re)create worlds? How do we (re)invent the outside from the inside?

The convenors will draw upon a mixed bag of art and ideas for discussion: the Readymade, dérive, architectonics, atmosphere and ambiance, autofiction, micropolitics, the infrathin, to name a few. The group is encouraged to use the session as an open forum, to share lived experiences as a vehicle to relate art, mind and the social.

This session is convened *online* by Elaine Tam and Arthur Gouillart. It is the convenors’ role to input / moderate / guide the discussion, but most importantly, ensure it is welcoming / open / inclusive.


We thank Antiuniversity and all the participants for making GOOD /IN/TENSIONS possible. The outcome of the group discussions at this event are the following shareable resources:

1. A glossary of terms for navigating the "new normal".

2. An audio piece aired on RadioCare for Other Ways to Care collective's Antiuniversity 2020 event.

3. A video essay screened by Slipstream (an artists' moving image program curated by James Elsey & Bianca Hllywa in support of Refugee Solidarity South East).